DHM Surf Camp Lombok

Explore, surf and discover the beautiful island of Lombok, Indonesia.

February Valentine Special

Your Romantic Getaway for February

Experience the comfort of DHM surf camps in South Lombok

Have the time of your life, build a healthy body, relax your mind and connect with nature.

Surf trips are all about the experience. The adrenaline of surfing, a beautiful destination and being immersed in a new culture are what the DHM surf school offers you in Lombok.

DHM surf camp and school Lombok
  • A popular destination for intermediate surf lessons with DHM surf camp South Lombok, Indonesia
  • DHM Surf Boat trip Lombok
  • Learn to surf from these 2 Teachers of DHM surf school Kuta Lombok Indonesia
  • DHM kids friendly surf camp lombok
  • Breakfast at DHM Surf and Stay Lombok
  • A surf boat trip at Kuta Lombok
  • Surf in one of the many spots around Kuta Lombok
  • Intermediate surf lesson from DHM Surf camp Lombok
  • Surf in Kuta Lombok at Beautiful Beaches
  • Join DHM surf camp for surf trips around Lombok
  • Advanced Surf Lessons at DHM Lombok Surf School
  • Choose DHM Surf Camp for Beginner Surf Lessons to get a head start in Kuta Lombok Indonesia
  • Learn to surf from the local legends at DHM surf school
  • Enjoy Our Soft Top Boards During Your Beginner Surf lessons At DHM Surf Camp Indonesia
  • DHM Family Surf Camp Lombok
  • Bri Good Surf Instructor Kuta Lombok
  • Surf Camp Instructor Kuta Lombok Fun Skills
  • We had such an amazing experience with DHM surf camps. The place was beautiful, the instructors were lovely and the surf was awesome.

    Alice Kimona
  • We had such an amazing experience with DHM surf camps. The place was beautiful, the instructors were lovely and the surf was awesome.

    Alice Kimona
  • The key to success in life is happiness and attitude. This is the added value that DHM offers its visitors beyond the service it provides.

    Alejandro Alonso
  • Surfing is like making love, it always feels good no matter how many times you've done it

    Paul Strauch Professional Hawaiian surfer
Surf Lessons in Kuta Lombok

Knowledge, Hospitality & Expertise

Whatever your surfing level, our camp will make sure you get the best waves of your life in Kuta, Lombok.

We have extensive surfing knowledge and expertise in hospitality. We want to share our love of the ocean with you. Regardless of your previous surfing experience, we’ll take you on a surfing adventure you’ll never forget.

What’s Included?

All packages with DHM surf camp South Lombok can include the following.
Please contact us if you have any special requests.

Lombok Surf Accommodation
WiFi DHM Surf Accommodation Kuta Lombok
Laundry Service included with Surf Camp Lombok
Laundry Service
Rent a boat to go on a surf tour or just see lombok
Boat Rental
Airport transfer to your Surf School in Lombok
Airport Transfer
Drone Photography of Your Surf Lesson with DHM Surf Camp Lombok
Lombok Surf Lessons
Surf Lessons
AC surf accommodation Kuta Lombok
Air Conditioning
Surf Guiding in Kuta Lombok Indonesia
Surf Guiding
Lombok Surf Tours with DHM surf school Lombok


Above all, our surf camp will entertain you from the minute you arrive in Lombok until the moment you leave. Take a look at our competitive priced surf packages!

Easy Surf

3 Day Package

Ideal for beginners and intermediate level surfers

Surf Addict

5 Day Package

Ideal for beginners and intermediate level surfers

Sandy Pack Camping

Our surf camping trips in Indonesia are ideal for surfers of any level and for non surfers

Boat to Go Package

Perfect for anyone who wants a different surf experience in Lombok by boat

Surf Boards for Rent

Your style, we have it. We work with high class boards only

Surf Lessons Lombok

Perfect for those Lombok visitors who want to enjoy DHM school’s surf lessons or surf all day long

DHM Lombok Surf School Squad

Meet our instructors and staff of DHM Surf & Stay. Together the camp will make sure you have the best time at the best surf spots in Lombok.

Pak Nawi

Pak Nawi is the driver that picks you up from the airport or harbor and bring you to the surf camp

He will be ready to pick you up from Lombok airport to bring you to our lovely surf school.


The power behind DHM Surf and Stay Lombok

When he’s around he’s always ready to serve you. He can make good Lombok coffee and the famous ‘Kuta Banana Pancake’ for breakfast. Like this, we make sure that you have the energy to join our surf lessons

around the South coast of Lombok.


Choose DHM Surf School for Beginner Surf Lessons to get a head start in Kuta Lombok

Extraordinary surf instructor to those who need special attention during their lessons in Lombok. This South-American surfer is always willing to guide you!


Our youngest surf instructor at DHM surf school Lombok

Lui is our youngest surf instructor. Born on a surfboard and full of energy, he is able to make you feel comfortable in the water in any condition.

‘John John’ Ngosta

The Legend of DHM Surf Camp Lombok

Ngosta learned to surf as a little boy using a piece of plywood. Ngos was part of the old school surf in the 90’s in Kuta, Lombok, along with three friends. more

He has participated in many local surf competitions and various international surf competitions in Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa. Meanwhile, he has been inspiring a new generation to become surfers. Before, he was the owner of Gloro surf school. Today, this legend is ready to inspire you to pick up a surfboard and discover the waves with DHM surf camp!


Arviani is the cherry on top of DHM surf school Lombok

He listens to the name ‘Bude’ and is our lovely chef at the DHM kitchen. Not only you will love his amazing cooking skills, your friends back home will love you once you learn from this chef!


Join her DHM Surf Camp Kuta Lombok

With her Indonesian softness and her German work attic, she will make sure that you enjoy your holiday in South Lombok at DHM surf camp. Whether you live at DHM surf & stay, join our school, or just rent our boards, she will make it great.

Our Little Poo

Poo is an abandoned monkey from the wild and is adopted by DHM surf camp lombok

Lastly, our cheeky baby monkey will entertain you whenever you’re not in the water. Straight outta Lombok, this monkey was rescued from the gruesome dangers as a lonely baby. If you’re lucky, you can spot her around our surf camp in Lombok.

Video of Our Surf Camp in Lombok